Product Reviews for Organic Living

Welcome to, your number one site for products that enhance your quality of organic living.  People across the world are looking for various ways to extend their quality and length of life, through avenues like improving their marriage or eating healthier.

I primarily focus on four areas:  Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual and Emotional health.  Let’s face it, most products being sold in stores often times are just there for profit purposes, with no concern for its impact on your health.  From genetically modified foods packaged in toxic plastics to lotions that will do permanent damage to your skin, we must be diligent with what we come in contact with.  We also need to take great care in what we “feed” our minds, from the books we read and tv shows we watch, to who we take marital advice.

Too often, we accept what government regulators say is good for us and our bodies.  From the infamous corn syrup or fructose to carrageenan and other types of fillers, we as a collective body need to take a stand and make our voice known.  It is disturbing how much information or new means of healing our bodies are withheld from the public simply because companies don’t want their bottom line impacted — profits! But it is this type of greed that is bringing about the demise of our country. Fortunately there are organizations and websites such as or the NON GMO project which look to further such efforts as organic living.  I encourage you to check out these sites, join their newsletters, like their facebook pages so that you can stay connected and informed.

I encourage you to learn more about me here.  Living a healthy and whole life is a great challenge and upward hill battle, but one worth taking, because our lives depend on it!


I am a wife, mother, an educator, children's book author and most importantly a Christian. My passion is seeking ways to better myself spiritually, physically and mentally.